I’m a New Yorker born in Brooklyn. Even after years of living in different places from Paris to California, NYC is still where I feel at home. Couldn’t shake it if a tried! My wife Marie is a Franco-American country girl turned world traveler with a flair for finding the best of everything from food to photography. We’ve both found a second home in western France, Brittany.  .. Je suis new yorkais, né à brooklyn. Après

We don’t know what it is about the place. Maybe it’s the sea, the Celtic culture, a funky alternative feel or the hardnosed but friendly character, but we feel closer to Nantucket than to Paris. Rennes, the capital of the region, is getting more cosmopolitan by the day. It’s that Atlantic connection, from commerce to culture. Bretons have been going to New York for over a 100 years. So, now it’s only natural to for us bring a bit of Brooklyn to Brittany and share the journey…. 


This week/Food / ....The lobster roll is having its French moment..Le parfait sandwich au homard breton....