Zen and the Art of Breton Cooking - Wall Street Journal

Once summarily known for its oysters and its pancakes—the buckwheat-flour galette and the wheat-flour crêpe—Brittany now has such a brilliant constellation of talented young chefs that it has emerged as an urgent destination for anyone who loves good food. The stunning beauty of the place and notable friendliness of the people only stoke the appetite further.
— Wall Street Journal, Sept 26, 2014

This is a remarkable article about Brittany as a fantastic food destination: Alex Lobrano explores in mouth watering details for the Wall Street Journal the local food scene. And it seems he had a revelation about Sylvain Guillemot (Auberge du pont d'Acigné in Rennes),  Baptiste Denieul (L'Auberge Tiegezh in Guer) or Olivier Valade in Cancale: Breton cooking has evolved to become the new attraction for foodies, by connecting more closely with its terroir. He put the emphasis on the new trinity that defines Breton cooking: freshness, simplicity and sincerity. We could not agree more. A must read.