Figs and blue cheese flambée

It’s hard to believe, but just a couple of weeks ago a long warm fall season was still with us and figs from the Roussillon region could still be found at the market:


Ripe and sweet, these end of season figs were perfect for cooking, baking and in this case flambéing with some good sweet wine. Here we used a wonderful gift, the ratafia from a vintner form Cahors - Fabien Jouves from Mas Del Perié. This fortified wine is made with grape juice and a grape eau de vie, and is traditionally used as an apéritif. Not all ratafias are created equal, and Marie had some not-so-good experiences with some homemade ones, but this one, where the fruit shines, has a freshness and acidity that pairs well with any desert.

This is one of those recipes that sorta just comes to you. After years in Lisbon with port and blue cheese, and time spent in the south of France with oven roasted figs with rosemary, I thought all those flavors would just go so well together. And they were indeed a huge hit when we made them for some friends.

If you are not a sweet and savory fan, or don’t like blue cheese, just serve the flambéed figs over some good vanilla ice cream! Works just as good… 

Recipe in the vidéo below: